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@Friendica Developers
Can anybody explain to me how the browser desktop notifications work in friendica? Every time when I log into friendica I get over half an hour different desktop notifications.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
OK. I have created a PR -
You will find the description of the issue in the PR description.

@Steffen K9 My friendica network stream isn't very active. Can you have a look if everything does work as expected after the PR got accepted?

Steffen K9 2 Monate her
Yes, I'll check it...

Steffen K9 2 Monate her
I have pulled from develop. I looks fine. I'll watch it.

Steffen K9 2 Monate her
Hello @Rabuzarus
the good news is there is no desktop notification flood anymore. The bad news is I don't get any desktop notifications now. I just tested this with some mentions and a comment. I tried it with Firefox and Chromium. I get the notifications but no desktop notifications.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
can you please have a look at the browser dev tools in the js console if it does print any error when a desktop notification should arrive. (And like always after the PR a browser cache refresh needs to be done)

Yesterday I got one desktop notification

Steffen K9 2 Monate her
There was nothing in the dev console. But I'm glad you found something. :-)

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
I have it :-)

The notification e.seen can be false but also 0 (next to 1 -> don't know if we have cases where it is true)

I would like to know if would be better to fix it in the php code. Simple js fix would be && (!e.seen || e.seen == 0) instead of && !e.seen.
But maybe we should have only two states true or false or 0 and 1.

I don't know. The bool values (false) seems to be used for connection requests while the integer (0) seems to be used for post/comments

What do the other devs say?

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her

Fabio 2 Monate her
but.. but.. in js you can use 0 or false.. and
≫ x = 0
← 0
≫ !x
← true


Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
But the former PR with !e.seen didn't work as expected

Steffen K9 2 Monate her

@Friendica Developers @Hypolite Petovan
after moving Text_Highlighter to composer vendor directory the sample.css is missing. It was loaded in view/theme/templates/head.tpl and view/theme/frio/templates/head.tpl .
Hypolite Petovan 2 Monate her
Is it really useful since it's a sample? My plan is to get rid of Text_Highlighter for something lighter that doesn't require PEAR. Ideally something in Javascript so that we don't generate complicated HTML that we have to skip to send to Diaspora for example.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
Is it really useful since it's a sample?

Yes because it is for color highlighting. Otherwise we would need to write it by our own
  1.  function hallo($a, $test = true) {
  2.   $var = t('test for colors through sample.css');
  3.   return false

My plan is to get rid of Text_Highlighter for something lighter that doesn't require PEAR.

Good idea, because Text_Highlighter isn't maintained anymore.
But can we restore the original behavior until we have the replacement? Does mean including the sample.css.

Tobias 2 Monate her
Only if the JS is doing it's job also with LibrJS enabled ;-) Also remember the people who have JS disabled for Malware protection.

Hypolite Petovan 2 Monate her
I didn't know LibreJS but it's worth checking if Highlight.js, the library I was eyeing, is compatible with.

Furthermore, syntax highlighting is just display sugar, I don't see an issue with it being absent if Javascript is disabled.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
Also remember the people who have JS disabled for Malware protection.

The basic core function should also work without js. But on the other side we should make it possible to have good js implementations to have a comfortable modern GUI. The syntax highlighting e.g. is such a case. We shouldn't hardcode such stuff. It federates very bad with other networks and we are bound to a specific library and its way of generating html.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
I'm interested in how you will solve the problem with new added content (e.g.infinite scrolling)

Hypolite Petovan 2 Monate her
Either the highlighting script is automatically triggered for each DOM change, or we can manually trigger it in the /update callback.

Rabuzarus 2 Monate her
Ahh cool. I also wanted to change it but I haven't found the file sample.css. :-)

@Friendica Support

While I did some searching with friendicas fulltext search and tag search I noticed that there are many top-level posts from diaspora users in my stream. So I looked in the db. And I noticed that I'm the only person on my instance who does have connections with diaspora users (and this two contacts are not real diaspora contacts. They are hubzilla contacts.)
Social relay is disabled.

So why do I have that many top-level posts from diaspora users who no one knows?

  1.  SELECT COUNT( `a`.`id`) AS `total`
  2.  FROM `item` a
  3.  LEFT JOIN `item` `b` ON `a`.`id` = `b`.`id`
  4.  INNER JOIN `contact` ON `a`.`contact-id` = `contact`.`id`
  5.  WHERE `a`.`id` = `b`.`parent` AND `contact`.`uid` = 0 AND `contact`.`network` = 'dspr'



Rabuzarus 3 Monate her
some report from the logging (Yesterday unit now).

I got ca. 50 "Unwanted messages" from diaspora users.
Until 3h ago the messages did come from 3 diaspora contact where I have rejected their connection request some time ago.

3h ago I rejected another connection request from a diaspora users who has been marked 2 weeks as pending contact. And as a result I get now also "unwanted messages" from this user since 3h (note: @Michael Vogel PR is working. The messages were not saved in the db).

But there is one strange thing. To test my thesis from some posts above I registered an account on to reproduce this. I sent a connection request to this account and did send a public message from the dspr account. Nothing happend. Afterwards I rejected the connection request on the friendica side and did send a new public messages. Again nothing happens.

According to the logs the public messages from my dspr account were discarded because thy were sent directly to the user (and not to receive/public).

The only difference in the handlin... mehr anzeigen
Dieser Beitrag wurde bearbeitet. (3 Monate her)

Michael Meer 3 Monate her
Sounds there's also some space for improvements for Diaspora as well. They can reduce the traffic and spare the bandwith and computing time when they don't send out the messages. But it's their decision for sure.

@Friendica Support

Fulltext search doesn't work on my system anymore. The logfile says

2017-02-08 21:06:37@ll7dsh4pv24o7a5a29ii32ed47 [NORMAL]:dba.php:257:q DB Error (Connected) 1191: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
2017-02-08 21:06:37@ll7dsh4pv24o7a5a29ii32ed47 [NORMAL]:dba.php:290:q dba: SELECT `item`.`author-link`, `item`.`author-name`, `item`.`author-avatar`,
`item`.`owner-link`, `item`.`owner-name`, `item`.`owner-avatar`,
`item`.`contact-id`, `item`.`uid`, `item`.`id`, `item`.`parent`,
`item`.`uri`, `item`.`thr-parent`, `item`.`parent-uri`,
`item`.`commented`, `item`.`created`, `item`.`edited`,
`item`.`verb`, `item`.`object-type`, `item`.`postopts`, `item`.`plink`,
`item`.`guid`, `item`.`wall`, `item`.`private`, `item`.`starred`,
`item`.`title`, `item`.`body`, `item`.`file`, `item`.`event
... mehr anzeigen

Hypolite Petovan 4 Monate her
I don't have fulltext search since I installed Friendica and I didn't run convert_innodb.sql.

Rabuzarus 4 Monate her
Yes I have noticed it while I tried to test if I can reproduce this behavior on other instances.

But you can have a look in the admin settings if fulltext search is enabled

Hypolite Petovan 4 Monate her
Yes it is. I didn't mind so far because I have little use for it, but it indeed never worked for me.

Hypolite Petovan 4 Monate her
Nice work, detective! 🕵️

Michael Vogel 4 Monate her
The option to use it can be deactivated. BTW: This full text search doesn't really work on a little bit larger servers due to our database structure.


Tech Preview - Frio Album Gallery

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @UX Watchdogs @Friendica Theme Developers

LIke I mentioned already in other threads the last really "big" missing thing in the Frio theme is the template for the photo view (and related templates like for uploading and editing photos). I was very unsatisfied how the other themes do handle the photo view. Though I'm not active at the commercial social networks I like how fb and g+ does presenting the images in the album.

Last year, I often sat in front of my computer for a long time and tried several approaches to have a modern photo view in Frio but I always had to give up because it didn't work.

It seems that I have made some progress now.


... mehr anzeigen
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Rabuzarus 4 Monate her
OK I have to change to the developer branch. So this tech preview will be no longer available.


Rabuzarus 4 Monate her
Your comment has created this public post. I've uploaded the picture with the option to not posting it to the wall. But I guess that this option isn't saved with the picture in the db.

Thomas Willingham 4 Monate her
We create an item for every photo - they just aren't all visible. The comment doesn't create it, it just lets you see it.

@Friendica Developers

The last days I transferred some developer documentation from the friendica github wiki to the help section in friendica.

Some question came to my mind:
How can we lower the barrier for users to participate at the user documentation?
How can we avoid to have different data at different platforms (to lower maintenance work)?

There exist a possibility to sync the github wiki between any source:

This would give the regular users the possibility to know nothing about git and to use the wysiwyg editor for participating at the documentation. He/she would only need an account at github

Tobias 6 Monate her
We just should not get tied to close to github, should they turn into sourceforge... but as the Wiki is then part of the repository that should not be a problem.

Rabuzarus 6 Monate her
Right. But this would rather mean that we have to take care that we don't depend in critical areas on github.

Tobias 6 Monate her von Friendly
I would say documentation is critical ;-) but as it in a repository and we have copies of it that are pushable elsewhere I think it is ok in this case.

Rabuzarus 6 Monate her
I would say documentation is critical

Yes, yes true. What I meant was that there have to be always the possibility to take our stuff and move on to other services (meaning to have no dependences on "github only" features)

@Friendica Developers

Please have a look at:

Is there a reason why we need (`url` = '%s' OR `nurl` = '%s'). Why do we need to include url into this query?

I'm asking because I have two connection request from Tim Schlotfeldt. One with http scheme and one with https scheme. But it is the same profile.

I would like to remove url in dfrn_request.php to avoid this behavior. Just want to be sure if anybody knows about possible side effects.

@Friendica Developers

is there a way to call in array_walk() a callback static function/method which is inside a class? I tried array_walk($arr_tags, array('ParseUrl', 'arrAddHashes')); (it should use ParseUrl::arrAddHashes() as callback) but it doesn't work

Hypolite Petovan 6 Monate her
Although the actual callback function should have this form:
  1.  function callback(&$value[, $key]) {
  2.      // Processing
  3.      $value = $new_value;
  4.  }

Hypolite Petovan 6 Monate her
If you want to work with a function that returns the result instead of modifying the parameters, array_map is more indicated.

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support

I just noticed some issues with the plink (link to source) and the scheme handling of the plink.

I don't know if it is a wrong configured server setting but when I want to visit an item of @Hypolite on Friendica through "link to source" I will redirected to his page with the scheme http instead of https. With the scheme http I get some 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' errors and the awesome font icons aren't loaded

My question is, should we really remove the scheme from the plink? Even if its a public post why shouldn't we use a secure transport protocol if it is available?

Rabuzarus 6 Monate her
I know that it was done for internal links. I don't know why it was done in this case for external links (

Michael Vogel 6 Monate her
It only removes it when the link is internal - but there is a bug in the function.

Michael Vogel 6 Monate her

Rabuzarus 6 Monate her


Announcement: cal addon has been moved to core

@Friendica Support
In one of the last commits in the develop branch I implemented an public calendar for the profile page. This calendar is available under cal/NICKNAME and is visible if you visit a foreign profile page.

The public calendar containing all personal events of the profile owner while respecting all permissions of the event (groups, deny and so on).

I think this is a big step forward to use friendica for event announcements (e.g. if the profile owner is a club or an organisation).

After merging the code for the public calendar I noticed that there was a conflict with the cal Addon which uses the same path. (the cal Addon allows you to export your events). So I have moved the code of the cal Addon to core and have marked the call addon as unsupported.
If you are on latest git develop you can enable the export function for the puplic calendar in you personal settings.

Note for friendica admins:
If you are on latest git develop please go to your admin settings and disable the cal addon. Afterwards update your addon directory to the latest git friendica-addons.


Some things for polisching

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @UX Watchdogs

While working on unifying (polishing) some things I noticed some things to which I want to point. This is not only for developers. Most things are questions about how to make a good friendica graphical user interface:

  • We need a good interpretable translation for the different page types (fan account, community account and so on). They should make sense in all scopes of friendica. Would be cool if we get this until release. (Some thoughts about possible later development are at the bottom of this post)
  • I'm not full satisfied how I integrate the account type in hcard/vcard. In the present state it will be
... mehr anzeigen

Michael Vogel 2 Jahre her
A user can always interact with an account, no matter if its a regular account or something else. So the user should know if it's a forum or not (since a forum is different in its behaviour). I never tested private groups. So I don't know the difference between a public forum and a private group.

Rabuzarus 2 Jahre her
ok, then I will change this behaviour of vcard/hacard in the evening. Community Forum = approve Request automatically, private Group = the owner of the Forum must accept the Request

Regarding the Fan Account I thought users would not have the same rights. They would accepted as Fans not as Friends. I haven't used it so far. From my understanding a Fan is something different than a Friend. My intention was to give the user a visual notice if the account is something like an info channel (like the heise (inofficial) ) and not a regular account

Michael Vogel 2 Jahre her
We should test - but I hope that it is possible that someone follows a "Fan account" but then the owner of the fan account is following you as well.

The differance between "regular account" and "fan account" is more like Facebook vs. Google+. In Facebook the other person has to approve your contact request. On Google+ a person can follow you at every time.

@Friendica Treffen 2015

Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Friendica Treffen in Zwenkau. Ich kann leider nicht g dabei sein. Dafür geht in 3hie Maschine nach Griechenland :-)
Auf jeden Fall würde ich mich freuen, wenn jemand eine Zusammenfassung von dem Wochenende schreiben könnte.

Für Rückmeldungen auf meine Bugreports, ich werde die nächsten 3 bis 4 Wochen höchst wahrscheinlich nicht antworten können.