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notifications/intros module don't seem to work

@Friendica Support

can anybody confirm the issue that notifications/intros don't work.

Everytime I try to call that page I get a 500 Internal Server Error. The php error log don't show any errors.

I use the latest 3.5.2RC
Nope. Works for me on 3.5.2-rc.
Can you have a look at the php error log? That one should tell something for this.
The php error log don't show any errors.
Works in here, too
I don't read those messages very intense :)
The error seems to be somewhere in
. In mod/notifications.php it stops at L102 notifs = $nm->introNotifs($all, $startrec, $perpage);. But at the moment I'm not at home, so I couldn't invest further at the moment
Works here on 3.5.2rc.
OK some debugging news. Friendica stops in include/NotificationsManager.php at L790 at the probe_url() call ( with the url

The instance with the profile isn't reachable at the moment which results in a crash of the own instance
@Michael Vogel
Maybe the result of a timeout issue?
When I call the page notifications/intros the function z_fetch_url() is called 3 times with:

The last call of z_fetch_url() was initiated throughprivate function feed() in Probe.php and function z_fetch_url() does stop at
Yeah, it is some timeout issue in Probe.php. I will have a look if we can handle this better.
Thank you very much @Michael Vogel for taking the time to fix it.
I did a small improvement for notifications/intros page.

Since there is the chance that we have the data already in our db, there is no need to probe everytime. In case of unreachable instances (of the contact) this does save a lot of time when loading the page. So I would treat it as a bugfix
I haven't checked why the probing is done. Of course this could be done asynchronous in the background.
Should I close the PR?
No. I think it could be changed like proposed there.