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@Friendica Developers

The last days I transferred some developer documentation from the friendica github wiki to the help section in friendica.

Some question came to my mind:
How can we lower the barrier for users to participate at the user documentation?
How can we avoid to have different data at different platforms (to lower maintenance work)?

There exist a possibility to sync the github wiki between any source:

This would give the regular users the possibility to know nothing about git and to use the wysiwyg editor for participating at the documentation. He/she would only need an account at github
Some synchronisation sounds like a nice idea.
The only thing wich would be much hard work is to get both docs in a common state
Can everyone with an account at github edit the wiki pages, or only project collaborators? @Hypolite on Friendica can you edit the wiki pages at ?
Nope, it just says that I can clone it locally.
We just should not get tied to close to github, should they turn into sourceforge... but as the Wiki is then part of the repository that should not be a problem.
Right. But this would rather mean that we have to take care that we don't depend in critical areas on github.
I would say documentation is critical ;-) but as it in a repository and we have copies of it that are pushable elsewhere I think it is ok in this case.
I would say documentation is critical

Yes, yes true. What I meant was that there have to be always the possibility to take our stuff and move on to other services (meaning to have no dependences on "github only" features)