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Some things for polisching

Concerning the tabbar of the contact page: I made it similar to the profile page. Both pages are having the same order and the same titles. I think it would be misleading to name them differently.

Concerning the content links vs. action links: You are totally right. Do you have any good solution? I haven't found any. And there are still missing actions (delete) and missing content links (suggest). I'm not sure how we can handle with this.

Concerning the page types you are right as well. We only have regular accounts and forums. And the regular accounts are having different rules for accepting contacts. Because of this I wouldn't like to expose these rules to other persons. So the profile page shouldn't tell these differences.

I agree that it could be interesting to have page types like "bot" or "organisation". We had to see how to to do that.
Concerning the content links vs. action links

I would suggest that action have to be included somewhere in the "edit contact" page (now "profile page").

This would be one suggestion with the logic that this actions would be a part of editing a contact. (But maybe there are any better suggestions)
Because of this I wouldn't like to expose these rules to other persons. So the profile page shouldn't tell these differences

Absolutely right. Just one remark. The user should now if it's a forum or not (for vcard/hcard it differentiate between community forum and private group, but maybe I should change this). And for hcard/vcard I have added in addition to the forums the Fan Account (the logic was that a user should now if he/she couldn't interact with this account. But maybe I should I should also change this)
this is from red
A user can always interact with an account, no matter if its a regular account or something else. So the user should know if it's a forum or not (since a forum is different in its behaviour). I never tested private groups. So I don't know the difference between a public forum and a private group.
ok, then I will change this behaviour of vcard/hacard in the evening. Community Forum = approve Request automatically, private Group = the owner of the Forum must accept the Request

Regarding the Fan Account I thought users would not have the same rights. They would accepted as Fans not as Friends. I haven't used it so far. From my understanding a Fan is something different than a Friend. My intention was to give the user a visual notice if the account is something like an info channel (like the heise (inofficial) ) and not a regular account
We should test - but I hope that it is possible that someone follows a "Fan account" but then the owner of the fan account is following you as well.

The differance between "regular account" and "fan account" is more like Facebook vs. Google+. In Facebook the other person has to approve your contact request. On Google+ a person can follow you at every time.