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@Friendica Developers
Can anybody explain to me how the browser desktop notifications work in friendica? Every time when I log into friendica I get over half an hour different desktop notifications.
Sorry. I cannot help. But I feel your pain. :)
This can be annoying. I had to disable the notifications because of this problem.
We do have desktop notifications?
user-settings -> account-settings -> notification-settings -> enable desktop notifications
I think they only work with Chrome(ium) and should display the items from /ping in the system notification of your OS.
OK. I have created a PR -
You will find the description of the issue in the PR description.

@Steffen K9 My friendica network stream isn't very active. Can you have a look if everything does work as expected after the PR got accepted?
They working fine here on Firefox 52.0.2 @ Arch Linux.
Yes, I'll check it...
I have pulled from develop. I looks fine. I'll watch it.
Hello @Rabuzarus
the good news is there is no desktop notification flood anymore. The bad news is I don't get any desktop notifications now. I just tested this with some mentions and a comment. I tried it with Firefox and Chromium. I get the notifications but no desktop notifications.
can you please have a look at the browser dev tools in the js console if it does print any error when a desktop notification should arrive. (And like always after the PR a browser cache refresh needs to be done)

Yesterday I got one desktop notification
I have it :-)

The notification e.seen can be false but also 0 (next to 1 -> don't know if we have cases where it is true)

I would like to know if would be better to fix it in the php code. Simple js fix would be && (!e.seen || e.seen == 0) instead of && !e.seen.
But maybe we should have only two states true or false or 0 and 1.

I don't know. The bool values (false) seems to be used for connection requests while the integer (0) seems to be used for post/comments

What do the other devs say?
There was nothing in the dev console. But I'm glad you found something. :-)
but.. but.. in js you can use 0 or false.. and
≫ x = 0
← 0
≫ !x
← true

But the former PR with !e.seen didn't work as expected