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Announcement: cal addon has been moved to core

@Friendica Support
In one of the last commits in the develop branch I implemented an public calendar for the profile page. This calendar is available under cal/NICKNAME and is visible if you visit a foreign profile page.

The public calendar containing all personal events of the profile owner while respecting all permissions of the event (groups, deny and so on).

I think this is a big step forward to use friendica for event announcements (e.g. if the profile owner is a club or an organisation).

After merging the code for the public calendar I noticed that there was a conflict with the cal Addon which uses the same path. (the cal Addon allows you to export your events). So I have moved the code of the cal Addon to core and have marked the call addon as unsupported.
If you are on latest git develop you can enable the export function for the puplic calendar in you personal settings.

Note for friendica admins:
If you are on latest git develop please go to your admin settings and disable the cal addon. Afterwards update your addon directory to the latest git friendica-addons.