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@Friendica Developers

The last days I transferred some developer documentation from the friendica github wiki to the help section in friendica.

Some question came to my mind:
How can we lower the barrier for users to participate at the user documentation?
How can we avoid to have different data at different platforms (to lower maintenance work)?

There exist a possibility to sync the github wiki between any source:

This would give the regular users the possibility to know nothing about git and to use the wysiwyg editor for participating at the documentation. He/she would only need an account at github
We just should not get tied to close to github, should they turn into sourceforge... but as the Wiki is then part of the repository that should not be a problem.
Right. But this would rather mean that we have to take care that we don't depend in critical areas on github.
I would say documentation is critical ;-) but as it in a repository and we have copies of it that are pushable elsewhere I think it is ok in this case.
I would say documentation is critical

Yes, yes true. What I meant was that there have to be always the possibility to take our stuff and move on to other services (meaning to have no dependences on "github only" features)

@Friendica Developers

Please have a look at:

Is there a reason why we need (`url` = '%s' OR `nurl` = '%s'). Why do we need to include url into this query?

I'm asking because I have two connection request from Tim Schlotfeldt. One with http scheme and one with https scheme. But it is the same profile.

I would like to remove url in dfrn_request.php to avoid this behavior. Just want to be sure if anybody knows about possible side effects.

@Friendica Developers

is there a way to call in array_walk() a callback static function/method which is inside a class? I tried array_walk($arr_tags, array('ParseUrl', 'arrAddHashes')); (it should use ParseUrl::arrAddHashes() as callback) but it doesn't work
Although the actual callback function should have this form:
function callback(&$value[, $key]) {
    // Processing
    $value = $new_value;
If you want to work with a function that returns the result instead of modifying the parameters, array_map is more indicated.

@Friendica Developers@Friendica Support

I just noticed some issues with the plink (link to source) and the scheme handling of the plink.

I don't know if it is a wrong configured server setting but when I want to visit an item of @Hypolite on Friendica through "link to source" I will redirected to his page with the scheme http instead of https. With the scheme http I get some 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' errors and the awesome font icons aren't loaded

My question is, should we really remove the scheme from the plink? Even if its a public post why shouldn't we use a secure transport protocol if it is available?