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Some things for polisching

ok, then I will change this behaviour of vcard/hacard in the evening. Community Forum = approve Request automatically, private Group = the owner of the Forum must accept the Request

Regarding the Fan Account I thought users would not have the same rights. They would accepted as Fans not as Friends. I haven't used it so far. From my understanding a Fan is something different than a Friend. My intention was to give the user a visual notice if the account is something like an info channel (like the heise (inofficial) ) and not a regular account
We should test - but I hope that it is possible that someone follows a "Fan account" but then the owner of the fan account is following you as well.

The differance between "regular account" and "fan account" is more like Facebook vs. Google+. In Facebook the other person has to approve your contact request. On Google+ a person can follow you at every time.